The Windmills of Your Mind on NTS Radio 5/9/2019

The Windmills of Your Mind - Dorothy Ashby
Same Thing Twice - Chantage
Mandala - Sally Oldfield
Elle Regarde Et Elle Rit - Calcium
Chocolat - Cécilia
Slow Dance - Roussie Flora
A New Tomorrow - Chris Tina
Shendah - Suzanne
Shades-tones - Barbara Moore
Classical Misconceptions Part I & II - Hendrickson Road House
Slow Very Slow - Bernard Estardy
Lemon Incest - Serge & Charlotte Gainsbourg
Borderline - Alicia May
When You Are Gone - Jon & Jodi
Changes - Crystal Saint
Goodbyes and Beginnings - Suzanne Menzel

The Windmills of Your Mind on NTS Radio 4/11/2019

ash ra tempel - cosmic tango
chantal weber - ballade aux chataignes
birgit lystager - just before dawn
agamenon - il salir el sol
sun - timeless love
fuzzy phases - fuzzy's dreams
melanie - i'll get you
victoria - wheels
april shower - railroad song
plain jane - not the same
joan brooks - the letter
kay hoffman - quot sunt horae
the fredric - red pier
delizia - laissons passer les années
dee dee favreau - wish you may
christine mcvie - wait and see
ray lovelock - we love you underground
shona laing - quiet night

The Windmills of Your Mind on NTS Radio 3/14/2019

li garattoni - friends
the moir sisters - house of secrets
john cameron - half forgotten daydreams
jade stone & luv - waiting
g. wayne thomas - red sun sea
denym - selassie hi
toi et moi - dareka no tame ni
claude lombard - les musiciens
carambolage - der reigen
umas e outras - please garçon
cos - oostend oostend
soledad miranda - el color del amor
cheryl thompson - black night
mireille darc - hélicoptère
sidan - carollila - step into time
nancy sinatra & lee hazlewood - (l'été indien) indian summer

The Windmills of Your Mind on NTS Radio 2/7/2019

The Windmills of Your Mind - Dorothy Ashby
Up In My Mind - Idy Lynn
Disco Queen - The Centaur Choir
Les Quatres Saisons - Doris Laïze
Whisper To The Moon - Valerie Avon
Pois É - Luli E Lucinha
Wind Song - Betty Reid
C'est merveilleux la vie - Leonie Lousseau
Banho-Maria - Joyce
Maker Of Me - Carola Baer
Lost Worlds - Bermuda Triangle
Backstreet Girl - Bojoura
We've Been There - Mark & Suzann Farmer
Fue Asi - Wanderléa
Friends In My Life - Parousia
Pris Au Piège - Anne Joyal
Thunder In The Afternoon - Bobbie Gentry
Coconut Grove - Affinity

The Windmills of Your Mind on NTS Radio 10/31/2018

Silver Queen - Baroque Bouquet
Dans Les Annes Profondes - Julie Saget
Casa Forte - Isabelle Aubret
Malibu - Catch
Ryan - The Moir Sisters
Underwater Light Reflections - Laurence Vanay
Lady Onion - Nada
Lady Jane - Olivia Byington
Candour - Juli Brace
Et Rever - Christine Demars
Air de Plage - Olivier Gallois
Love - Anneke Konings
Song of Love - Norma Winstone
Le temps s'en va - Catherine Derain
Dreamer's Dream - Lisa Ballentine
Shadow of My Mind - Sue Seek
Day dreams - Eric Allen & Frank Reidy
Is This What You Like - Terra
Aquasun - Paul Lemel & Eric Marving
Je N'Ai Pas L'Âge De Vous Aimer - Katherine Gilly